Testimonial from Paul Woods of Imagine Financial Planning in Harrogate

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Paul provides financial planning for clients in Harrogate, I provide complimentary advice on long term and multi-generation planning to his clients advantage.

Paul Woods (client)

Paul hired you as a Estate Planning in 2009 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity “Imagine Financial Planning has been referring clients requiring Estate Planning Solutions to Terry for over two years and the feedback from clients has been excellent.I have no hesitation in continuing to recommend Terry to our clients.” October 26, 2011 If you are a Financial Planner in wider Yorkshire and would be interested in what I can do for your clients please call me on 07802 652241 or

Enduring Power of Attorney

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These are still valid if made, witnessed and signed.  They need to be registered before use as with any PoA.  You can't make a new one tho.

Welfare Power of Attorneys

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I am finding no one understands the different Powers of Attorney floating around. If your parent or partner is unable to understand financial affairs or may suffer loss of decision powers its a Property & Affairs LPA you need. If its where they live, medical care or how they live that worries you then its a Welfare LPA you need.  Its also the answer if you want to make a living will, what used to be called an Advance Decision. This is what I do -  Leave a comment on the post if you need more.  



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