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We are specialists in writing wills, trusts and powers of attorney to protect your family interests. Our aim is to reduce the 60-70% of deaths where no will is found and family wishes are frustrated.

By understanding your circumstances if alone, attached or with many family interests, we can guide you through the complexities to deliver your wishes effectively and economically. We recommend family executors wherever appropriate and provide support and help as required.


Wills written for Single people in Yorkshire
  • Unmarried
  • Divorced
  • Widowed
  • Separated


Wills written for Married couples in the Yorkshire area
  • Civi Partnerships
  • Planning Marriage
  • Bloodline Protection
  • Power of Attorney


Yorkshire wills for parents and children.
  • Guardianship
  • Inheritance
  • Disability

Death Intestate

If you die without a Will, or it is lost, the inheritance rules are quite specific. They are a disaster for couples not married or in civil partnership and unlikely to match your needs if married with children.

The time and costs of administering an estate without a will are increased, often dictated by court. We can help you understand how to avoid this, without any prior commitment.


A lifetime together is often ended by loss of one partner. In many cases a second partnership is a desirable outcome and to be wished for.

The children then need special consideration as their inheritance is in the gift of the later relationship. Bloodline planning is designed to protect your family interests minimising loss of assets to all future circumstance.

Care Fees

Over 60,000 homes are lost to funding care fees each year. The system provides that if you have property or savings over £14,000 (2009) some or all of the excess will be taken to fund your care.

If you have no assets, then care is fully funded. If you believe this is fair you need do nothing. Otherwise please contact us for a review of your circumstances.


We come to your home at a time to suit, including evenings and weekends. We review your family, the assets involved and your needs, wishes and concerns. There are many levels of possible estate planning we identify what is relevant and the costs.

If happy, we help you through the maze of executors, guardians, beneficiaries and issues to be considered using a well proven pathway only then do you commit any funds. We then produce a Will and any other documents to achieve your wishes. Finally we support you through signature, with storage and probate services available when you need them

At Yorkshire Wills we understand your family, your estate and your concerns
We put the right solutions and costs in your hands; then we carry out your wishes!
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